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Welcome to PLUSHOR, a premier custom plush factory in Shenzhen, China. Since 2009, we have excelled in creating unique stuffed toys and top-notch plush products. Our strategic location allows for perfect shipping by land, sea, or air, ensuring your custom plush toys reach you efficiently. We have dedicated ourselves to turning creative ideas into top-notch plush products. Our secret? Caring about every detail to ensure your vision comes to life.

With a full supply chain & our wholly owned manufacturing facilities, we offer unparalleled customization across a wide range of plush items. With over 15 years of expertise,we’re here to enhance your brand every step of the way, from the first chat to the joy of unboxing.

Meet us, and step into a world where we make your audience smile and your brand’s story unforgettable.

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OEM or ODM, our plush & stuffed products are all available.

Plush & Stuffed Toys

The market feedback is very good.

Pillow & Doll

New styles and designs of pillows.

Customizable From Design To Product

We offer fully custom plush toys to satisfy diverse market needs.


Eco-friendly fabrics that meet baby-skin standards


Over 1000 colors to perfectly match your style


Cool embroidery done with fancy gear to hit your high-end spots

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Logo Printing

Exquisite logo printing to enhance your brand visibility


Tailored packaging that matches your brand and draws in customers

Want to customize your plush or stuffed products?

Why Choose PLUSHOR for Custom Plush Toys?

Plushor's Services Always Go Extra Mile

No more endlessly wasting time on changeing the defective suppliers. At PLUSHOR, we’ve got your back. We’ll handle the tough stuff like trade, customs, and shipping. Plus, our Our salesperson will keep you in the loop all the way. Just kick back and watch us work our magic.

OEM & ODM Available

Bring your plush dreams to life with our flexible OEM & ODM services, tailored to your unique needs.

Start With Low MOQ

Ready to start with Plushor? Kick off our partnership with as low as 100pcs MOQ.

Lighting Fast Delivery

Experience lightning-fast delivery that brings your custom plush creations to your doorstep in no time.

OEM & ODM Available

Bring your plush dreams to life with our flexible OEM & ODM services, tailored to your unique needs.

Start With Low MOQ

Ready to start with Plushor? Kick off our partnership with as low as 100pcs MOQ.

Lighting Fast Delivery

Experience lightning-fast delivery that brings your custom plush creations to your doorstep in no time.

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Excellence in Every Stitch

At PLUSHOR, our experienced artisans craft each plush toy with care, ensuring unmatched quality and charm.

Our commitment to perfection doesn’t stop at craftsmanship. We enforce rigorous quality standards in our factory, ensuring every plush toy meets our exacting criteria for color, shape, size, and overall quality.

When you choose PLUSHOR, you’re not just getting a plush toy; you’re getting a piece of art. Our in-depth inspections guarantee that every product consistently reflects the high quality that our brand is known for.

Comprehensive Support
from Idea to Debut

At PLUSHOR, our partnership extends well past the crafting and creation of plush toys.

We offer complete guidance from the initial concept to the final delivery, ensuring a seamless journey in developing your custom plush collection.

By teaming up with PLUSHOR, you’re set to:

  • Receive plush products uniquely customized to resonate with your audience.
  • Speed up your market introduction, leveraging our efficient prototyping and large-scale production capabilities.
  • Elevate your brand’s presence with our custom packaging options, designed to make an impact.

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FAQs About Plushor

Have questions? We’ve got answers.
Explore our frequently asked questions to learn more about how we work and what we can do for your business. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Absolutely! We warmly welcome client visits to our facility. Please schedule an appointment, and we’ll be ready to show you around. Experience firsthand where all the magic of our plush toy production happens. We are excited for the opportunity to meet you and discuss how we can work together. Come see the care and detail that goes into every piece we create!

Definitely! We encourage you to confirm samples before placing a full order. We produce strictly according to the approved sample, ensuring the bulk production matches the sample quality. This method has always been our way of guaranteeing satisfaction. You can inspect and approve the final product just like the sample.

Quality is our priority. We produce bulk orders strictly following the client-approved samples and adhere to international quality management systems. During production, we constantly send photos and videos of the work-in-progress and finished products to our clients. This transparency ensures that the quality remains up to the standards our clients expect and approve.

We are committed to environmental sustainability in all our manufacturing processes. We use eco-friendly materials and ensure all products are non-toxic and harmless, meeting the highest standards for baby-friendly products. Additionally, we implement responsible disposal practices for scraps and waste products, ensuring they are processed in an environmentally safe manner. Our commitment to the environment is integral to our production ethos.

While we strive to accommodate changes, it is dependent on the stage of production. Minor adjustments may be feasible early in the process, but significant changes might lead to delays and additional costs. We encourage clients to finalize specifications before production begins.

Our payment terms are straightforward. We require a 30% deposit to start the production of your order. Once the production is complete and we receive the remaining balance, we’ll arrange for the shipment of your goods. This policy is a firm rule at our company to ensure smooth and efficient transactions.

The lead time for production varies based on the product complexity and order volume. Generally, it ranges from 25 to 45 days after sample approval and receipt of deposit. We’ll provide a detailed timeline upfront to help you plan accordingly.

We safeguard your unique products by signing NDAs, controlling access to designs, and restricting unauthorized personnel from our production areas. No unauthorized photos or videos are allowed, ensuring your product’s exclusivity remains intact.

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