Custom Plush Anime Manufacturing

High-Quality, Customizable Anime Plush Toys for Your Business

Overview of Basic Services:

  • OEM & ODM Services: Customized anime plush wholesale
  • Size Range: 10cm-150cm (4 inches to 60 inches)
  • MOQ: No minimum order quantity
  • Production Time: 18-25 days
  • Production Capacity: 1000 000 pcs/year
  • Service Type: Factory customization and wholesale
  • Required for Quotation: Style, size, fabric, order quantity

Popular products & Details

Transform your favorite anime characters into high-quality plush dolls with our custom services. Perfectly replicating every detail, these custom plush anime character dolls are ideal for fans and collectors alike.

1.Anime Character Plush Dolls

Customize anime-themed plush pillows with premium materials and unique designs, adding value to your product lineup. Our custom plush anime pillows are perfect for any anime fan.

2.Anime Plush Pillows

Anime celebrity pillow
Anime themed pillow
Anime Skull Pillow

Our custom plush anime pillow products include both pillowcases and complete pillows with printed anime designs. Available in various sizes and designs to meet diverse needs, these products are perfect for anime fans. Our custom plush anime pillowcases are designed to add a unique touch to any pillow set.

3.Printed Anime Pillow Products and Pillowcases

Adult sized anime pillows
COS anime themed pillow

Custom plush phone charms featuring anime characters, perfect as gifts or promotional items. Compact and cute, these custom plush anime phone charms are a hit among anime fans.

4.Plush Anime Phone Charms

Anime phone screen eraser
Japanese anime screen eraser
Whale screen eraser

Factory Production Details

01.Design and Prototyping

Our expert designers work closely with you to create detailed prototypes based on your specifications, ensuring the final product meets your exact needs. Our custom plush anime design and prototyping process guarantees high-quality results.

02.Material Sourcing & Printing

We source high-quality materials and use advanced printing techniques to produce vibrant and durable custom plush toys. Our custom plush anime material sourcing and printing ensure the best quality.

03.Cutting and Sewing

Precision cutting and expert sewing ensure each custom plush toy is crafted to the highest standards. Our custom plush anime cutting and sewing processes are designed for excellence.

04.Stuffing and Quality Control

We use premium stuffing materials and perform rigorous quality checks to guarantee the safety and comfort of every plush toy. Our custom plush anime stuffing and quality control processes are thorough and reliable.

05.Packaging and Shipping

Custom packaging and reliable shipping solutions ensure your products arrive safely and on time, anywhere in the world. Our custom plush anime packaging and shipping services are efficient and dependable.

What Customers Need to Provide for Custom Anime Products

  • Anime Product Images: Knowing what you want helps us understand your direction.
  • Approximate Size: Size determines details. We know what details can be done and what might need adjustments due to size constraints.
  • Fabric Requirements: Different fabrics yield different effects, with significant variations.
  • Process Requirements: Heat transfer printing, embroidery, silk screen printing, etc.
  • Order Quantity: Different quantities require different production methods. <3 samples can be hand-cut, <500 can use laser cutting, >10000 are better suited for mold cutting.
  • Product Usage: We create products that meet the end-users’ needs.


If you provide these details, we can more efficiently create the products you want.

If you’re unsure, we can offer reasonable suggestions based on your budget.

With 15 years of manufacturing experience, we can meet all your needs in this industry. Trust us!

Estimated Price for Custom Plush Anime

Every penny you pay is being used reasonably. Below is the approximate cost composition:

Sample Fee

After the initial email quotation, if appropriate, the next step of cooperation is for us to make samples and confirm. This part may require a sample fee of $70-150. After placing the order, it can be refunded.

30% Wire Transfer Deposit

You can decide to pay a full or 30% deposit for your customized plush animal wholesale order.

Use one hand to estimate how much it costs


This is the cost of sending samples or transporting bulk goods by sea, land, and air. We will fully support and cooperate.

70% of the Final Payment

Complete the balance payment before shipment and receive the customized anime product you ordered.

Why Us?

1. Cheap Prices: We offer top-quality custom plush anime products at prices that are budget-friendly. Our cost-effective solutions ensure you get the best value without sacrificing quality.

2. One-Stop Service: From concept to delivery, we provide a seamless one-stop service for your custom plush anime needs. Our experienced team handles everything, making the process smooth and worry-free.

3. Safe First: Safety is paramount. All our custom plush anime products undergo strict safety tests by qualified labs, ensuring they meet all necessary legal standards. You can trust that our products are safe and compliant.

4. On-Time Delivery: We know the importance of punctuality. Our efficient production and reliable logistics ensure your custom plush anime products are delivered on time, every time, no matter where you are in the world.

Choose us for affordable prices, comprehensive one-stop service, safe production, and reliable on-time delivery. Let’s create amazing custom plush anime products together!

Client Success Stories

Learn how we’ve successfully collaborated with clients around the world to create custom anime plush toys that meet their unique needs. Our custom plush anime client success stories demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

1. Japanese Gift Company: Anime Plush Bags

A gift company in Japan wanted to create unique anime-style plush bags. We helped them design and produce these adorable bags. Now, they are a big hit with their customers!

2. USA Top Seller on Amazon: Anime Shaped Pillows

An American seller, known for anime-themed pillows, needed unique designs for their top-selling Amazon store. We created custom anime-shaped pillows for them. They quickly became bestsellers in their category!

3. German Company: Beautiful Anime Pillowcases

A company in Germany wanted to sell beautiful anime pillowcases on their own website. We worked with them to produce these stunning pillowcases. They have been selling extremely well on their online store!

Our custom plush anime products have helped these companies succeed. Let us help you too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Custom Anime Products

What is the minimum order quantity?

To fully support our customers and grow together, we have no minimum order quantity requirement for custom anime plush toys.

Do you offer design revision services?

Typically, our samples pass on the first attempt. If the design remains unchanged, we offer 1-2 free revisions for custom plush character designs.

What is the production and delivery time?

Sample takes 5-7 working days, and bulk production takes 3-4 weeks. The exact time depends on the order quantity and complexity.

What fabrics and processes are available?

We offer various fabrics, including short plush, long plush, and cotton. Available processes for custom plush anime products include heat transfer printing, embroidery, and silk screen printing.

How do you ensure product quality?

We have a strict quality control process. From material sourcing to final inspection, every step is checked by professionals to ensure high standards.

What are the shipping options?

We offer multiple shipping methods for custom anime plushies, including sea freight, air freight, and express delivery. We will choose the best option based on your needs and budget to ensure timely delivery.

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